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For the latter, there was no term fixed for their redemption, and if unredeemed before the Jubilee they then freely reverted to their original owners.

The houses of the Levites, however, could be redeemed at any time, and reverted to them if unredeemed before the year of Jubilee ( Leviticus -34 ).

The following is simply a treatment of legal redemption.

The first-born male of every Jewish family was consecrated to Yahweh and had to be redeemed at the price of five sicles or about .75 ( Exodus 13:2, 13 ; Numbers ; etc.).

La Sûreté départementale mène une enquête préliminaire suite à la plainte de la famille d'un rabbin de Bron.

Selon une source judiciaire interrogée par Le Progrès, "aucun élément ne permet de dire qu'il y a une dimension antisémite dans cette affaire".

Persons lying under anathema could not be redeemed.

According to the Mosaic Law, the first-born male of animals was sacred to the Lord, and, if a first-born of legally clean animals, and without blemish, had to be offered in sacrifice.

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The redemption price was then fixed according to the number of years yet to elapse before the Jubilee Year, at which time the property would have freely reverted to its original owner or to his heir ( Leviticus -28 ).

In the New Testament, redeption is specifically that of man from sin by Christ's death .

The idea is distinctly expressed by the verb lutroûmai (from l&útron, "a ransom") and its derivatives; it is also directly conveyed by the term ’agorázo (to buy, to purchase) and by its compound ’exagorázo .

As unclean animals should not be immolated to Yahweh, their first-born was either to be redeemed according to the valuation of the priest, with the addition of one-fifth of the value, or to be sold and the price given to the priest ( Leviticus ).

The first-born of an ass, however, had to be redeemed with a lamb, or, if not redeemed, put to death ( Exodus ).

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