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Make sure not to visit it on Fridays as all the Souq shops are closed.

With little research we found that Saudi Arabia contains one of the historical masterpieces “Mada’in Saleh” and here we planned our 12 days road trip to Madain Saleh.One of the reasons that has motivated us to plan our toad trip in Saudi Arabia was to challenge our fears toward this country.Although Bahrain is only one hour away from Saudi Arabia,and both countries have many similarities in customs and cultural habits, but the existing laws in Saudi differs significantly from Bahrain.We hiked all the way through the rocky stairs to the top of mountain.From Al Noor mount you can have a view of Mecca from the top and you got also to see Hera cave which it’s believed to be the cave that prophet Mohammed used to meditate in more than one thousand years ago.From the first sight you can directly notice that the town has a special architectural style and well restored houses with colorful doors and windows.We couldn’t explore the old Diriyah due to the on going maintenance work, but we want to come back to explore it more in the near future!READ MORE: Doha: My Perfect Day But nearly 10 years after that meeting, here I sit, in the country’s capital, enjoying a nice warm breeze blowing through said curtains on a typical February afternoon.When I first decided to come to Saudi to live, I was aware of certain hurdles facing the women here.We had also the chance to see some historical houses in Taif but only from outside as all of them were locked and closed!! Al Hada circular mountain road is worth driving on with all the beautiful scenery along the road, Don’t miss meeting the Baboons on the road sides The city is also known for its production of different fruits, there is a very nice fruit market opened around the day for 24 hours! In one side you can see all the modern and huge shopping malls, luxury houses.On the other side you can escape to the historical side of the city.

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