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How does Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, the new Netflix comedy from Fey and Robert Carlock, measure up?It’s the story of Kimmy Schmidt (played by Ellie Kemper, who spent four years playing Erin Hannon on The US Office and was also in the excellent 2011 comedy Bridesmaids), one of the "Indiana Mole Women", a recently rescued quartet who have been living underground for the past 15 years after being "tooken by" a Doomsday cult.It worked, but not enough to support the family they had in mind.David became Catholic about a year after they were married.Their last adventure before settling into starting a family was a four-month jaunt through Ireland and Wales during which they stayed with six families, working on farms and helping with tasks like herding sheep, gardening and house painting. On returning from that trip, David got a job at a consulting firm, and as soon as he did, Erin "quit in hopes of becoming a stay-at-home mom," she said.A year or so passed, she said, and "we realized we weren't able to achieve a pregnancy." Unlike many couples who face that sad realization, David and Erin decided to forgo other fertility options.It’s firmly in touch with the zeitgeist; even the theme song is an auto tune parody which will amuse the Youtube generation, and bemuse and probably irritate everyone else, but the pop culture references are well observed and well delivered: "You WILL sing at the Grammys with Whitney Houston and Michael Jackson!" she tells her new flatmate, who has auditioned for The Lion King more than 20 times and is now working as a robot in Times Square. It might be no bad thing, but no one is doing anything new here.

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The 5k road race will once again begin and end at Burncoat High School in Worcester, Mass.

With only the cash and “victim” gift bag from her appearance on the Today programme, Kimmy is left to fend for herself in Manhattan, and sets herself about finding a job and a safe place to live, "Don't wear that yellow sweater cos the crips will think you're in the Banana Boys. There weren't any good colours left." What's right with it?

The Tina trademark: a script so full of razor-sharp meta jokes that there's barely enough time for the actors to breathe before they've moved on to the next one – let alone for the audience to fully appreciate every line on a first viewing.

The open part of the adoption means that the children and their birth parents -- those who so wished -- have remained in touch, celebrate holidays together and become a regular part of the family in an extended way. I always liked that about her." He is her opposite in that regard.

That also goes for grandparents, adoptive and otherwise, as well as half-siblings who might arrive later (several have) and other relatives who want to be included. "To my own chagrin," he self-describes, "I am more serious than you want to be." When she decided to go to Kansas State University, he decided to go there, too.

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