Science of dating trees

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If the tree rings between different trees formed in a similar way, then it's likely that those trees have undergone the same variation at the same time.

he next day, he enlisted a group of friends to carry the beam a short distance to the cliff dwelling he wanted to repair.

(Unlike his ancestors, who had lived in pithouses on the mesa tops, his people built their homes as large apartment buildings in beautiful, massive, natural rockshelters below the mesa tops—probably for defensive reasons.) The young man and his friends used the beam to shore up the roof of the room they used for ceremonies.

Finally, they too left for points south, just as the rest of the population had done several years earlier.

ecause of dendrochronology, or the study of “tree time,” we know when the young lumberjack cut down the juniper and when he and his construction-worker friends repaired what archaeologists now call Kiva D at Spring House in present-day Mesa Verde National Park.

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