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And all of this can be done for much less than the cost a real life date would have cost. I personally have always loved the Live service romantic restaurants in Second Life because I feel it truly creates an atmosphere that is as close to a real life date as you can possibly get.

You and your date arrive at the restaurant and you are warmly greeted by your hostess or server.

Above you see how Slinter looks when a date was found. Slinter did its work, now it is time to start talking to each other. Remember, the other one was also activly looking for a date. Don’t use Slinter in skill gaming regions or adult regions, not everybody can teleport to these regions. Find a nice location, so that your date will be teleported to a good spot. The Pro version of Slinter brings some additional features and advantages: – You can define an extra filter on avatar age, filtering avatars that you find too young or too old out.During this dinner which usually lasts close to 1 hour you are able to talk privately with your date and focus completely on getting to know them.What a wonderful way to live a dating experience in Second Life.You define your prefences and Slinter will look for matches with avatars who are on-line and seeking for a match.Once both confirm the match, you’ll be teleported to each other. Slinter is about instant dating, it teleports you direct to an avatar looking for you. You can use your Slinter Hud anywhere in Second Life.Once seated at your table you are able to view a menu and make selections.Over a three or four course meal your server will visit your table to deliver the next course, see how you are doing and just provide general roleplay to make the experience as close to real life as possible.Both of these films were aired on television in 2011, however I don’t watch a lot of tv so I missed them both.It was a pleasant surprise to find them both available to rent on i Tunes when I was browsing through movies last weekend. It was certainly compelling to watch, and held my interest.I know this is old news, but I wanted to mention that I recently watched two documentary films about Second Life – Life 2.0 and When Strangers Click.Actually, the latter is not exclusively about SL but it does feature one story that has to do with it.

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