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One onlooker recalls how the starlet and Bracey were getting "super close" and holding hands…

And girl totally dished to him about her NYE monster-fight with Da Beebs! Bracey is a tasty slice of hunk-pie, but seeing as Selena is apparently adamant about staying single for a while, perhaps the two are just friends.

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“They were all having lots of fun.” Pictured inside: Selena and some gal pals grabbing lunch and coffee on Wednesday (January 16) in Burbank, Calif.

The forty-something version of Luke's character will be played by James Marsden (way to age well!

) in what is sure to be a bittersweet and lovelorn romance for the ages.

Still, if we’re playing tit for tat and aiming for the ego, even though Bracey’s name recognition is embarrassingly negligible compared to Justin Bieber, “I’m more rich and famous and I f-ck supermodels” might not be enough to drown out the inches.

Bieber badly wants to grow -- height and width and facial hair -- and when you consider the maturity level of an 18 year old, you know that can’t be going down smoothly, Bracey’s advantage in that area.

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