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Still today the family doesn’t know what the mumbling is trying to say because it is in a foreign language that hasn't been heard before.

The sightings of the black blur was seen on a regular daily bases but only to have come so far to a person then suddenly vanish. Take a left at the first set of light's you see after passing the 68th street intersection.

This place is in the middle of nowhere, it has graves dating back to the 1800's and whenever someone walks through the gates, fantastic chills run down the back of your neck.

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Back in the day there was a fire that started in a hallway, and it claimed the lives of three children.There second attempt, they brought in a Wrecking ball, but the motor just up and died, they couldn't find the reason why.Although back at their construction site, it was in fine working condition once again.Third attempt, the wrecking ball actually fell off while the group was still looking at the plans to carry out.A figure of a middle-aged woman is seen sometimes she is very peaceful looking, but it is still believed that she drowned in the Bow River. This woman is seen walking near a shallow area where one other almost drowned, but was saved.This was an old hospital in the 1940's, and many people died here.There are repeated sightings of an older janitor of the building going from room to room to clean, a young boy with a back pack wandering the halls, and many kids have heard an elderly woman read them stories.The walls have been extended over the door; however you can clearly see where the door use to be.Employees of the Hotel claim that they are not allowed to speak of it.But the review estimates that, on current levels of recruitment, around seven women a year would pass through training to qualify for infantry units and around the same number for the RAF Regiment, according to The Telegraph.Speaking on BBC Radio 4's Today programme this morning, Major Webb, who retired in 1986, said: ‘We had a maximum of four women in my squadron and it was perfectly natural and normal for the guys would do all the heavy jobs and those jobs that were physically demanding while women would do the slightly less physical it was just the normal course of events.‘When we are talking about an infantry section of eight guys and you’ve got one person who is not actually as physically strong or as physically capable as the other seven over possibly an extended period of time, which is what has not been tested, that could create an effect on our combat effectiveness,’ added major Webb, who was the first woman to command an all-male field force squadron in the British Army.'Keeping our country safe is too important to exclude anyone who can play a role – that means giving women the chance to serve on the frontline in addition to all the other ways in which they are excelling already in the forces.’'I can understand why politically it is a good thing to be seen to be doing – on the other hand, the practicalities of women in the infantry and armoured corps are considerable and should not be overlooked. In light of the findings, a senior military source said: ‘There is a real desire among ministers and the military to open up ground combat roles to women.

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