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“I think this affair is going to lead to big changes,” said Alexandre Piettre, a specialist in Islam at the Ecole Pratique des Hautes Etudes, in Paris.

“He had a discourse of integration, and without it, it leaves space for political radicalism that was contained by it; those who reject public participation in the West and call for a return to Muslim countries — the Hijra — or even armed jihad.” Double discourse?

The account echoed a pattern described by the two French women: an initial interaction with Ramadan on social media to discuss religious matters, then an eventual meeting in a hotel room because Ramadan said he did not wish to be seen in public.

Critics claim he wielded a "double discourse,” hiding political Islam behind unifying rhetoric. Much of the debate surrounding him has taken place in France, where an estimated five million Muslims make up Western Europe’s biggest Islamic community.

In a Facebook posting Saturday, he said he remained calm and had “confidence in justice.” For years, he has called for moderation, dialogue and openness, he wrote, and “these are the values we need most today.” But these are not the reactions swirling in social media and in the press.

, the French satirical newspaper that was targeted in a 2015 terrorist attack, has received death threats over an explicit front-page cartoon of Ramadan.

Divided community These reactions, along with yet another — of Muslim hardliners pleased by Ramadan’s predicament — “are sketching the lines of fracture in the Muslim community that will solidify in the future,” analyst Piettre predicted.

“With, in the middle, all those who are distraught at what happened to Tariq Ramadan.

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