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In the 1870s, the Industrial Revolution began to transform Toronto: between 18, the city's population tripled, and between 18, it doubled.Toronto's gay history begins soon after its founding, when a successful merchant and justice of the peace, Alexander Wood, was accused of having misused his position to investigate the genitalia of young men.During the War of 1812, York was raided and pillaged by U. forces in 1813, leaving an enduring anti-American attitude.The city name was changed in 1834 to Toronto ("where there are trees in the water" in Mohawk).Buddies in Bad Times, a gay theater company, was established by Sky Gilbert in 1977.Gay artistic collectives, such as Chroma Zone and JAC, arose in the early 1980s.

The exact LGBT population in the City of Toronto is NOT known.The national voice of gay liberation became The Body Politic, established in Toronto in November 1971 and lasting until 1987.In 1972, Glad Day Bookshop, Toronto's first gay book shop, opened and is still active.The Canadian Criminal Code introduced the crime of "gross indecency" in 1890; and in 1892 a "bawdy house" law was passed to discourage prostitution.Nevertheless, as Toronto grew, the city acquired more visible signs of gay activity.Such efforts were the beginnings of an attempt to build Toronto's own gay culture.In 1969, then-prime minister Pierre Trudeau decriminalized consenting sexual acts between people of the same sex, issuing his famous dictum that "the state has no place in the bedrooms of the nation." The Stonewall Riots in New York City happened that same year in reaction to police harassment of the gay community there.Estimates that it is 10% of the population is false and misleading..The city was founded as York in 1793 and settled by Loyalists fleeing the newly independent United States.The authors should be ashamed of themselves and apologize.LGBT Canada Demographics Metropolitan Toronto (GTA) population is now 6,242.3 million, according to Statistics Canada Data 2016.

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