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I recently got a new commenter on my blog who apparently just started their own blog, Dickgirl Discourse, all about a specific genre of hentai (that is, Japanese animated porn).

Someone was just asking me the other day "What's futanari?

" and I had no idea, so it figures that soon afterwards I'd come across a blog whose entire purpose is the exhaustive deconstruction of futanari. Let's assume half have seen a slightly different kind, known colloquially as "hentai", a Japanese term meaning "perverted", referring to erotically drawn cartoons, usually in said Japanese idiom.

The already narrow scope of this blog is narrowed further to a special kind of hentai featuring characters known as "futanari".

I read a bit about BDSM, thinking I might find something about futanari in its seedy scenes.

I learned of the plight of transgendered and intersexed people, the trials and discrimination they go through, but also learning about their biological function at the same time, to see what the closest thing to the fantasy is really like.

To English speakers, the word usually functions as a noun, and is interchangeable with the vulgar but accurate term "dickgirl".

Despite all the fast and loose possibilities an extremely open-ended description two entire forms would present, futanari characters are usually a recognizably female person, plus a dick.

Some people (pervs) reading this are groaning, extremely familiar with this description already.

While most are content to keep it within their secret porn folders, I'm not.

I wanted to see some evidence of it out there in the real world, in the lives of others, hidden between the lines of culture.

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