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So Prince George - along with his father, pictured with the family at George's christening - doesn't need to worry The whole story of the secret baby began as fiction — which is perhaps where it ought to have remained. Ryan, living in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, self-published a novel entitled The Disappearance Of Olivia.Mrs Ryan, who never met Princess Diana, had been fascinated by the first in vitro baby, Louise Joy Brown, born in Oldham in 1978.Acquaintances: According to The Globe, a tabloid, Kate had a '44 minute' meeting with her supposed sister-in-law during a visit to the U. last year - and was amazed by her likeness to Princess Diana Was it perhaps a little too overwhelming?A careful study of ‘Sarah’ — as she had started to be named in reports — revealed identical eyeliner to that used by Diana, identically placed eyes, and identical eyebrows, nose and teeth.After their deaths, she came across a diary which revealed that she was the product of a donated embryo and of in vitro fertilisation (IVF), which was still in its infancy in the early 1980s.Ridiculous: The story goes that an embryo was fertilised to check the Royal couple were able to have a child - but was meant to be destroyed.In support of its alleged scoop about ‘rumours the Palace has battled to keep under wraps for decades’ and the ‘amazing details about the young woman’s bizarre birth and why she’s living in hiding’, it appeared that the magazine had taken a picture of the real Diana, tilted it to a different angle and Photoshopped out the lines on her face, then superimposed it on to the body of a young girl.

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Unknown to her, she became the surrogate mother of the biological child of Charles and Diana.

‘I believe my story could have been true,’ she said.

‘Many have told me that they believe my story is entirely plausible.

This weekend, the nation is poised to celebrate the birth of a new royal baby.

The Duchess of Cambridge, having already provided us with the heir — a bonny future king in the person of Prince George — is about to complete her dynastic duty by delivering ‘the spare’.

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