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We, as you know, have a large guest bedroom, and, if Lorna doesn't join you that night in the guest room, then you must realize that she will be very naked behind the closed door of my bedroom as I do things with her that you my friend probably have never dreamed of." Seeing my expression changing as he spoke and realizing the impact that his conversation was having upon me, he continued."And you, Charlie, will no doubt be joined in the guest room by Bianca, and if you doubt me, let me say that we have already discussed and agreed upon this little plan. We can discuss it again when you and hopefully Lorna are ready." Drinks finished, we both stood and he grinned seeing my semi erection as I straighten and walked with him to the door. Lorna was waiting, the soft light of the bedside table bathing her as she sat in bed the tiny straps of a cream satin gown the only disruption to the nakedness of her tanned shoulders. We can enjoy a late dinner and spare him the agony of a cold Friday evening dinner at the hotel." Although the events of the previous evening were still fresh in my mind, neither her expression nor suggestion gave me cause for further consideration."Charlie, you're due to visit the Montreal office again next month, am I correct? "I am." "Why not bring Lorna along as a little vacation, shopping and so on?Be our guests for a few days, and if you're comfortable with the idea, on a specified evening allow me to take her alone to a restaurant downtown, and you can take Bianca somewhere as well for dinner or whatever.The blonde, tall, husky German design engineer who met me at the Montreal terminal introduced himself as Ernest, and almost immediately, the first spark of our friendship formed.

To say that my wife eluded an incredible sexuality was an understatement.

Later that evening over candlelight and a delicious dinner he, his wife Bianca, and I relaxed enjoying the warmth of conversation and, in turn, making plans for his upcoming visit to our Eastern regional office.

Bianca was dark haired and attractive, a short mere five feet to Ernest's six feet plus, and obviously one who enjoyed the fruits of her culinary abilities.

Minutes later, as she sprawled nude beneath me, legs parted, gasping, hands clenching my shoulders, I quietly and carefully commenced my fantasy. A short telephone call to Ernest's hotel room later confirmed our and his plans for Friday evening.

In this case almost word for word of Ernest's conversation earlier. Lorna, to exclude herself from reality and further absorb herself in the fantasy, rolled upon her side and presented her ass to me. Friday afternoon at the office is a relaxing time, and after my boss, Ernest, and I enjoyed a somewhat liquid lunch, my boss left for the golf course, and I dropped Ernest back at his hotel with a promise to meet him at the entrance at 8 PM.

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