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She enjoys staying in touch with her cousins on Skype. This is a good time for Denise and for her English family.

DO NOT post private chat related things on the forums here, OR on tumblr. Do NOT harass anyone about their fetishes, or views..because you may be just as weird to them. relax.try to make other nonfurries more comfortable. So yeah..i expect genes and AH and dragon talk to happen. Some of us may have family or kids in the background that could happen upon it at the very wrong time.thats just embarassing and hard to unscar. Though I welcome furries, i do not welcome 'murrpurr ****' or obsession over topics. still a place for fun, talking, and most of all Flight Rising. We're generally a bit too open and such, and think others are laughing along and ok with it (since no one says anything.are joking back) .we fail to realize.people are just not as open as we are. I want to make a welcoming place to all of us who have a more adult sense of humor. NSFW links can and will happen..people will mention 'naughty parts' and tell stories.make really inappropriate crude jokes. They have video cameras on their computers, so they can see each other. They decided together that they will be on their Skype on Sundays. When Denise hears her Skype ring, she goes to the computer and clicks on Answer.You will need a pretty good internet connection for this to work.You can download Skype and create a Skype address by searching “Download Skype” on Google. The people you want to talk to must also have a Skype address. To get MSN: Only add people to MSN who treat you with respect. These are places where several people can have an on-line “conversation” all at once. People sometimes use chat rooms to hurt other people. Do not give your full name or your address or your phone number.I want u to tell me to put things inside my p u s s y xoxo I want to spread my vagina open and show h how wet I can get.I would like to mutual cam to watch your **** get hard to my wet c u n t.

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