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Both islands are part of a marine park, are small in size, and have several natural resources that need protection, and they both face burgeoning tourist numbers that have increased tourism infrastructure development and are leading to environmental degradation.

These islands have discussed ways to incorporate sustainability into their management and marketing practices, and they have looked to tourists as a support for change.

The traveler’s guide—The Responsible Traveler Guide—is an easy to read guide that shows travelers how to improve their travel experience while being environmentally responsible and improving the livelihood of the local communities.

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The guides we’ve created on green.provide suggestions and solutions, to help hoteliers become more environmentally friendly, and for travelers to enhance their enjoyment of the destination they visit while also being responsible tourists.” The hotelier’s guide, “How to Increase Your Bottom Line by Greening Your Hotel,” is a comprehensive guide that focuses on identifying the business benefits to going green as well as several best practice examples from all over the world.

In addition, a comprehensive self-audit checklist is included for hoteliers to use to green their own hotel. Sonya Graci, sustainable tourism specialist and director of Accommodating Green, said, “It is necessary for hotels both large and small to move towards greening their operations, not only to save money, but to protect the resources that sustain the industry.

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