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Our primary division showed a decline of 34% in our coin business, but an increase of 14% in our trading card and autograph business from the previous year. Those three key areas are bulk, shows and vintage, with the latter two services closely related.

In calendar 2017, the United States men had their slowest year in sales since 2007 and Collector interest or the lack thereof had a direct impact on our bulk service.

They could not understand why we would not sell at the number on this piece of paper. On a positive note, the security staff was amazing.

During the overnight, a U-haul rental van was parked directly in front of the Sarasota auditorium doors to block access.

As is usually the case for our company due to the seasonality of the business, the second quarter proved to be a slower one overall.

Service revenues in the second quarter were down year-over-year to .1 million from .8 million, a 21% decline from a year ago. coin business experienced a slowdown in each major segment.

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The updated training regiment had an impact with Matt setting a new personal record of at the Tokyo marathon.

The museum vistors were impressed and grateful for opportunity to see beautifully original early type coins and thanked us.

The CDN people did not appreciate (well maybe they did) what they were looking at and expected GFRC to sell quality type coins at CDN bid.

On a further positive note, online sales were strong on Saturday to members of the GFRC community.

The next GFRC event will be the Whitman Baltimore show and it will be great to be back at a venue with serious collectors.

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