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We already know going into it that he’s probably an asshole, but we do it anyway, every time. Because every single one of us is fervently craving to be that exception, the one who makes a player quit the game. They’re all loyal and fun-loving and you know that they’re always going to be there waiting for you with their unconditional love. We feel more of use in a relationship when the other person needs fixing; it keeps us busy-it’s like a little part time job.

I don’t know about you guys, but I want a wild beast of a horse not some old shaggy dog. As females, we like to be a source of growth and evolvement.

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Whether you recognize it or not, it’s happening around us all of the time.

Miraculously, Ali and Jesse manage to finish first.

Aw, he’ll be so mad to be at the Oasis with a girl who doesn’t want to ride his wheelbarrow.

The majority of girls are enticed by assholes because it’s a damn quest. (Try that line next time a nice guy is trying to cross over the friend zone.) Dating an asshole is sort of like taming a wild horse.

Fundamentally, dating in your twenties is all about playing the game; am I right or am I right? You meet out in the wild; you work to gain their trust and respect, train them a little and then, ‘Viola! Nice guys, on the other hand, are like old golden retrievers.

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  1. Seeking a kind, funny and gentle similarly aged partner who also misses the presence of companionship and all that entails in his life. I am not kidding around and making it sound like anything that it isn't. I am 5'7" and average and blue eyes...freckles. I gave you my picture, it is only polite to include yours.