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The literal reading of the text ignores the rich background behind it and leads to an impoverished view.

Also see: Creation Harms Christianity – Sacerdotus The Simple Truth about Biblical Literalism and the Fundamentalists who Promote it – Sean Mc Elwee Sources: Cornwall, R. Charles Darwin goes to church: A literature guide to the evolution versus intelligent design debate.

As Van de Beek states, creationism fails to take into regard the osmosis between context and theology.

The stance of inerrancy ignores textual criticism, source criticism, syncretism, and the values of the authors. No more Nessie for Accelerated Christian Education. Available: [Accessed 29 July 2016] Southgate, C 2008.

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Christopher Southgate states that “creationism both fails to take science seriously, and uses a very dubious method of interpreting Scripture.” Creationism tends to take a literal stance to Scripture and see the Bible as absolutely inerrant.

Nearly all geologists understand these layers to have been deposited over the course of hundreds of millions of years.

This essay starts with a tour of the Grand Canyon, noting evidence that shows the Canyon rocks are indeed very old.

Basically, the approach used by Biblical literalism does not do the text justice. Top 5 lies taught by Accelerated Christian Education.

Isaak lists several examples of factual errors and contradictions in the Bible that shows how the literal, inerrant reading of the Bible does not treat the Bible properly: From these forms of criticisms it is clear that biblical interpretations is by no means an easy undertaking.

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