Taylor lautner dating selena

But they were caught getting steamy at Revival’s tour launch party in Vegas last year.

Orlando was even photographed in a red hot steamy embrace of Selena Gomez while getting a little “too” close.

Lautner's personal life, especially his love life has been under scrutiny by both fans and paparazzi, ever since he became Jacob Black in the vampire movie.

Even other celebrities wanted to get to know "The Valentines' Day" actor more closely.

The And after sharing the stage on that event, they were seen smooching as they hung out!

Pictures of them hugging and kissing at Dewan Tatum’s 23rd birthday went viral all over the media!

Selena is a woman who knows what she wants but the rumors say that she was not ready to fully commit to Niall, which resulted in the couple’s split up.

Lautner and Marie Avgeropoulos worked on 'Tracer in 2013.

They were then seen holding hands in July of that year. Which girl in Taylor Lautner's girlfriends list suits him best?

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