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It’s a warmer space inside the club that is the perfect place to recover after cuttin’ a rug in the main club.

Just remember to keep your maps app handy in case you ever get lost.

No, these guys take the entertainment aspect of the club to the next level by matching aerial acrobatics and themed tableaus with over-the-top tech visuals, costumes and makeup. And the performances are so immersive that everyone in Light feels like they’re part of the show.Whenever I visit Las Vegas, I always stop by the Forum Shops to watch the Fall of Atlantis show and the best part about this showis it's FREE!The show is located in the far end of the Forum Shops with the huge fish tank and video screens around the top part of the walls.Drai’s comes in and hits you with live music from artists like T.I., Travi$ Scott, Future, etc., before tagging in Drai’s After Hours to swoop you up and transport you to a little deep-house and EDM nightcap. Until you finally buy that fanny pack and book that hostel though, Hyde Bellagio is a solid substitute.There’s the “Boombox,” a more private and intimate space.And there’s also the “Library,” and yes this is cooler than the one from your school days.It's near Cheesecake Factory and Abercrombie & Fitch and it can get very crowded with tourists and visitors holding their cameras and kids running around waiting for the show to start.They have security around the fountains to prevent anyone from jumping in the water while the show is playing.If you’re ever in the position of having to choose between a show or partying, don’t pick a side- Light gives you both.If we’re being completely honest, The Cosmopolitan itself is basically one giant nightclub. So when they decided to get into the nightclub business and open Marquee, we knew that it was going to be nothing short of spectacular.

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