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It’s a book for everyone who’s interested in learning why, when, and how to design and conduct remote user research studies themselves.From the book publisher’s website: Remote user research describes any research method that allows you […] Read more While there are plenty of tools floating around to help you conduct one-on-one moderated interviews, if you’re just getting started with remote research, you may not want to invest in a ton of expensive software or subscription-based web services right off the bat.Today […] Read more Turns out there are more and more ways to recruit research participants from Twitter, and when you @reply someone, there is a real art to making sure they don’t think you are a spammer and click through to your totally legit research link.Here is an image from my presentation at UX Week 2012 that […] Read more The fine folks at UX Magazine have posted this article on combining in-person methods with remote research methods by Sabine Idler of our friends at Usabilla. The summary of the article is that you get benefits to each method by combining, but I’d argue that the real benefits come from combining moderated […] Read more The long-awaited remote recording of app interactions on i OS devices may be getting closer. ) company, (site’s down as of Apr 30th), released this video which shows a recording using their SDK.Using this in conjunction […] Read more The folks over at Normal Modes have posted this handy quick summary of, well, you guessed it. Here’s the quick list and click on through to the article for the details: Ease of recruiting & convenience for participants Geographic diversity in participants Lower no-show rate Lower overall costs All […] Read more And here we have it – the basic state of remote research on mobile devices in 2011 2012 2013 2014.

The soul of remote research is that it lets you conduct what we call Live Intercept Research.This can be a very challenging aspect to a project, especially when it comes to recruiting, and it is something that […] Read more Video Screen sharing is something we’ve been waiting for, in a way that only requires a browser to initiate, for YEARS.Looks like our friends at Citrix have done a spectacular job on this Beta of HD video webcam sharing along with Go To Meeting 5.0 we just tried out.The same is […] Read more Check out this prototype of a Java Script-based moderated observation tool by @davidvanleeuwen. It could replace Go To Meeting or maybe even be incorporated into something like Ethnio for quick direct observation?! Read more If you’re doing any kind of user research, you’ve at least thought about getting official consent from your participants.If only there was an easy way to incorporate Google Voice or another voice component of HTML5. Perhaps you’ve got a signed piece of paper or verbal consent to record sessions, or maybe you have a team of lawyers following you around with actual carbon copies in triplicate.Read more There is a new app called Reflector that lets you easily mirror from an i Phone or i Pad to a Mac desktop, which you can then share remotely in real-time.That’s a big deal because 1) it’s fast and reliable 2) it’s wireless, and 3) you can screen share a mobile device remotely.Remote user research can fall into two categories, ‘synchronous’ and ‘asynchronous’.In synchronous protocols, a facilitator interacts with a participant who is remote and leads […] Read more The following is a list of software resources and web apps which can be used for various types of remote research, both moderated and unmoderated/automated. This is our trusty stand-by for moderated one-on-one interviews.Now it’s important to explain what this means is that you have to build their SDK into your app to […] Read more Our friend Diane Loviglio over at Mozilla posted this pretty helpful guide to how they test tablets over there.They offer up some cool variations on the hugging technique that Mail Chimp uses, so check out the full article over on Mozilla’s blog.

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