Updating bootrom

The easiest method to repair any error with your Polycom phone is to start from scratch!

If you put fresh firmware and a fresh Boot ROM on the device you will definitely see more optimal results, then you can try and re-configure the device to connect to your phone system.

I decided one day that I really miss playing this old game so I want to install windows on my hackintosh. The updated firmware is the main component which allows "legacy" systems to boot, as it includes a BIOS compatibility layer.

It doesnt, that is in apples firmware only found on real macs.

Well, I'm also looking into Boot Camp on my hackintosh, because I think the primary advantage over a regular Windows install is that a boot camp install can be virtualized in OS X, which eliminates the need for 2 separate windows installations. Did you do anything in particular or can I just pop in my retail windows CD/DVD, install it and somehow boot it virtualized?

Because I checked it with Parallels (I don't own Fusion yet), but I cannot find anything that would suggest it's possible to boot into an existing install.

Search in this section for a guide that meets your requirements.

Thanks guys, but I'm not ready to go through all that.

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