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The calendar appointment updates on some peoples' calendar, but not others. add a conference room, change the meeting day/time, cancel the appointment4.Does anyone know if it is possible to set up a static multicast route/forward in BSD ?are you sure you are running mrouted or something watching for multicast subscribes? I have watched the traffic with tcpdump, and the soundbridge doesnt send anything to the router.So I'm not sure why three of them randomly didn't update...Christina Make sure to check Actual Work versus Actual Work Protected as well. One reason that updates may not make it back is that the task may have been deleted and a new task with the same name added.Users send their task updates here after editing the remaining time and selecting the tasks. I open the project in Project Client, accept all Task Updates and choose to apply the changes to the project plan.Sometime everything works fine, but somtimes one of the two problems appears: Problem 1: The "Applying Update" dialog appears and counts down from 30 secondes.

Republish and Overwrite Actuals, and then have the resource re-enter the work? If the recourse looks at their "My Task" view, the task sits at 80%.

If I look in the project's Task Usage view, these updates are not visible at all.

I viewed the tasks that were listed in the Task Update e-mail received by the project manager and saw that all but three tasks included in that update were also updated in the project.

But this does not match what is on the Project Plan. I then open project in Project Profesional and the change is not reflected.

I am running Project Server 2007 and Project Pro 2007. I go back to the Task Update screen review the audit log of past changes and republish the update.

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