Updating data is not supported by this isam

The easiest solution, of course, is to drop these indexes after import (or skip them entirely during the import with the option provided) and re-define appropriate indexes via SQL after the import process is complete.

New inserts and record updates via SQL will not update these indexes, as the c‑tree ACE SQL definition (requiring full fields) does not match the existing partial segment definition.This creates an ISAM table of customer records with complete You now have your data available for access with both your existing application AND c‑tree ACE SQL! As the concept of a “field” does not always exist in many existing c‑tree ISAM applications, there may be index segments that only span a portion of field data as defined in the These are known as partial segments and frequently found in older ISAM applications.To take advantage of the ability to fully co-exist with c‑tree ACE SQL, certain requirements must be met to ensure compatibility. While SQL standards do not support this construct, indexes containing partial segments can be successfully imported into c‑tree ACE SQL.First and foremost, remember that all c‑tree ACE SQL tables are nothing more than standard c‑tree data and index files.There is nothing inherently special about these files, other than a few additional hidden fields added by default. As long as the information can be externally defined in XML format for those applications where actual files cannot be modified.In addition, this is a great upsell opportunity for OEM developers looking to easily extend the features of their applications and then earn additional revenue from selling an upgrade to c‑tree ACE SQL.Once imported, you can query data via any standard SQL interface. NET, db Express, Direct SQL, dynamic (interactive) SQL queries… How do you add this capability to your existing c‑tree data?c‑tree ACE SQL relies upon c‑tree DB functionality.Field types such as are the most common examples of existing data that may be incompatible with c‑tree DB.Your successful c‑tree application runs day in and day out quietly and reliably handling your valuable data with the performance that can only be found in Fair Com’s record oriented ISAM technology.Modernization and interoperable systems now take your data queries to the next level. SQL’s query advantages provide a powerful and flexible interface for advanced reporting needs.

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