Updating fedora 8 to 9 is willa ford dating maksim

See @Joel Davis' answer for this technique as well.NOTE: This is no longer an option starting with Fedora 18 though so you've been warned. New in Fedora 17/18 is a tool called Fed Up (FEDora UPgrader) which purports to do "dist-upgrades" similar to Debian/Ubuntu distros.is referring to the latest version of the RPM (binary package) for the version of Fedora.It appears that you are using Fedora 12, which is quite outdated.This is the ninth update to the Cent OS 5 distribution series and it’s contains a lot of bugfixes, updates and new functionality if compared than Cent OS 5.8.

Now, the message has disappeared, and I cannot find it, not any software it might have been connected with. None of the Red Hat distros prior to Fedora 17 included the ability to do dist-upgrades as you've asked.So if you absolutely must have GCC 4.8.1 now (which seems unlikely given the age of your distribution), then you'll probably either have to find a third-party package or build it from source yourself.Regardless, I'd still recommend upgrading Fedora to reduce dependency complications.Your best course of action is likely to upgrade to the latest version of Fedora first, then you will have a more recent version of GCC available (4.7.2).It takes a while for major software like GCC to make it through a distribution's build and QA process.When I made that comment I meant one thing and the phrase "rolling releases" really means something else.When I wrote that I meant "rolling release" to mean that you could now roll from one point release of Fedora (say 17) to version 18. yum groupinstall “GNOME Desktop Environment” base core 11. logout and reboot It took a while to get everything and I had to break a few pieces up in order to make all the pkgs fit when I downloaded them but everything else just worked. As per my previous post, Cent OS 5.9 now available for download on 17 January 2013.This post makes a list of actions should be done to upgrade Fedora using yum.Please note that this is for experienced users only, if you are not sure what you are doing and what do these commands mean, please stop here and read the manuals first, or go to Fedora’s Wiki about upgrading Fediora using yum. These packages could be candidates for removal, but check to see whether you use them directly or if they are used by applications not backed by rpm packages.

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