Updating itouch firmware

And I’m 99% sure it will also, overall, outperform the others.I believe it will even embarrass many far more expensive rival or beat much more expensive products.THE COMPETITORS: To put the O2 in perspective, you might want to compare the O2 against the 0 (assembled) Mini3, 0 - 0 Head Amp Pico, 0 Headroom Portable Micro, or 0 SR-71 Blackbird.I’ve already shown the O2 far outperforms the Mini3 in every single category.For the history see the first article covering the premise, and the second article discussing the design process.THE PRICE DETAILS: All the parts to build the O2’s fully functional circuit board should be around .In this case, with as little as worth of parts, you can have a headphone amp that rivals the headphone output of the Benchmark DAC1 Pre in blind listening tests.

The O2 comes close to a one-size-fits-all portable amp.

These changes are related to some users reporting their O2 would rapidly turn on and off when the batteries were low.

This issues seems to be very battery specific (my O2 amps shut down OK).

Once the holes are “tapped” there shouldn’t be a problem.

GET YOUR OWN O2: The biggest question most have is “how do I get one?

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