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This is mostly a non-issue since this GPS will almost always be in use within a vehicle.

Included with the unit are a suction mounting bracket, USB cable, and 12v power cable.

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Conclusion: The Rand Mc Nally truck GPS units are top notch and easy to use.

They are full of excellent trucking features specifically targeting the needs of commercial drivers, and that's on reason we rate these truck GPS units the The name Garmin has become almost synonymous with GPS in the minds of drivers and outdoor enthusiasts.

In some GPS models can disable the warnings for speedcams included on Garmin cartography.

This duplication can be avoided as double warnings, one for speedcams of cartography and other the speedcams that we’ll load.

So we haven’t to pay for Cyclops’ speedcams, that aren’t so updated and don’t include “extras” as black points, hidden speedcams, alcohol controls, etc.

This provides the great viewing angles and crisp touch response found in today’s best smartphones and tablets.

It is slightly heavier than most of its competitors, but the weighty feel adds to the overall impression of solid construction that is missing from many of the lighter competing models. Listed at 1 hour, it is possible to drain the battery faster when using the connectivity features.

Some of our truck GPS units also have trucker features like mileage logging, fuel logging, timers, real time traffic (to help avoid road constructions and heavy traffic), service and maintenance alerts, etc.

GPS-planet™ carries all currently available GPS solutions for the commercial truck driver, including the Garmin Truck GPS units, Rand Mc Nally Intelliroute Truck GPS units and World Nav Truck GPS units.

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