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I am trying to update a single field in multiple records at the same time in My SQL using PHP.When the user views the page (code below) they see the information in the records but the last field is editable.

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I am merely taking stabs in the dark here, but based on the content of previous posts, my guess is that your documents table is not using any primary key at all.The current way you are doing things can be done, but it's a far cry more difficult to work with. I think you can begin to see how the doc ID field begins to play a role in the significance of its direct tie to each record now. One of a set of tools we're offering as a way to say thank you for being a part of the community.Hi Can anyone please tel me why my code is not updating my My SQL database? It does how ever tell me that the update is successful, but there is no update.Pelase let me know should you require to view the code running prior to this Ok thanks a million guys I got it to work.I really apprciate all the help and time you guys put into helping me with this.The code below shows how, and could be used in conjunction with buttons on your form that would move rows up, down, to the top, etc..You could also modify a row's order manually by changing it's number, but only one row at a time unless you further build on this code.I now just have one more functionality of my site that isn't working.And that is the ability to store the auto incremented field from the userinfo table into the table of the form that is being submitted.If you eliminated the comma like r937 said, and you added the code wackyjoe and I gave you, and you added the 'echo $query;' as well (without ' ), then you should have some output. I hard coded this in Notepad and only did the appearance using Dreamweaver. The duplicte session input was an error in my posting, and as for the variable names that I assigned to $_Post, I honestly don't know why I did that.Sorry I have to apologise to guido2004, I missed a part of the code that you said I should use to replace mine. I am still very new to PHP and My SQL so learning a lot at the moment.

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