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As a heads up, I have done many a google search to try to find the answer, so my attempts to solve this problem have extremely varied, but my working knowledge of the whole idea of kernels (and updating them) and what comprises them, is fairly limited.

I would be more than happy to run any commands in terminal if necessary, and if you do come across an answer, please keep in mind that I'm a kernel 'newby' of sorts, so detailed explanation and steps, or link(s) thereto are extremely appreciated.

To install Ukuu on your Ubuntu or Linux Mint system, open your Terminal and run the following command.

It’ll add the PPA for Ukuu: The Ukuu window shows all available kernels for download.

Simply type the # menu entries you want to add after this comment.

Be careful not to change # the 'exec tail' line above.

Now, choose the desired kernel that you wish to install.

Ubuntu packages the Linux kernel for a variety of architectures, including several variants of the x86 architecture.

These include a 386 version, a 686 version, and versions for the AMD k6 and k7 processors.

While most software for x86 processors in Ubuntu is compiled for 386 or better instruction sets, the kernel and a few other packages are specifically compiled for certain processors for speed reasons.

Check the package documentation to determine what type of kernel will perform best for your processor.

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