Usher chili dating again

I feel that so many women will be able to relate to how I feel and my views on life, which covers relationships, motherhood, working, things like that….

I think people are going to be excited to see some TLC footage.

I think he’s cute to look at, but I don’t know if I want to put him in my system.

What was the best piece of dating advice you were able to take away from the experience?

We show our performance that we did in Vegas [in 2009 for the ”Justin Timberlake & Friends” charity concert]. This show is a little different than some dating-centered shows on TV in that it really hasn’t been spun into a competition or game.

Did you want it to be more straightforward than others? That was very important for me because from the beginning of my career, I’ve always done things outside the box.

Let's lead the way [Verse 1: Jay-Z] Uh, wrapped around all girls like Pashminas What's my demeanor?I definitely encourage , yours has some normal stuff on there: ”can’t drink,” ”can’t smoke,” etc.But I wanted to ask about the ”can’t eat pork” stipulation. I’m into eating right and there are just some things to me, when you talk about eating right, you ] That includes the cute little pig.And would you consider pulling this trigger and taking a second shot at romance?Aw baby I groomed the days when you were my girl And I was your man, though I took you for granted But it wasn't 'til now I see...We have some other tours that we’re looking at for the States. If I could just stay on stage and sing and dance and perform for everybody, if I could do that all day and all night, I would. Do you think if TLC had come out now that it would have taken off the way it did? And the reason I would say yes is because TLC is just one of those groups that God had a special plan for us. And because we were so different, each girl brought so much to this group. I don’t know, maybe we would have been even bigger if we [came out now], now that I think about it. And then the topics we weren’t afraid to discuss, we took that chance. [] People don’t even realize how thirsty they are for great lyrics. There are a lot of men, including celebrity men, who can’t handle stuff like that. Speaking of TLC, what’s coming up for you musically? These days, you have to do it a lot differently than you did it even five years ago. I just want a guy that is secure with himself and is not intimidated by what I do and how I can provide for myself, because I don’t need a man for that nor have I ever looked for a man to just take care of me. Well, T-Boz and I have a tour locked down that we’re doing in Japan and Malaysia. The music industry has changed so, so much, which makes me thankful that we came out when we came out. I feel bad for some new artists, I really do, because the deals are very different. And unfortunately, you can lose the whole quality of a great artist in how things are today. Before, you’d see so many artists who were just superstars, who really had what it takes to entertain people and make people feel like ”Wow, I can’t wait to pay for this CD because I know I’m going to get my money’s worth.” Now that you have downloading and stuff, it’s all about singles. I look at it like this: Yes, there will always be something missing because it’s not the three. But who can better carry on what we started other than T-Boz and myself? You have to figure out what it is that makes people fall in love with you, especially when it’s a good thing.

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