Utorrent dht nodes updating what happens at a dating scan

One limitation of DNS, however, it no port information is provided so a default port of 6881 is generally assumed whereas other means support peers operating on different ports.

Once you've established connections with other clients, then you can do an A trackerless torrent dictionary does not have an "announce" key. This key should be set to the K closest nodes in the torrent generating client's routing table.If I have a torrent w/o any trackers in it, and I just started a bittorent client so I have no peers yet..do I know who to first connect with in the DHT?It seems like I would have to know at least ONE node in the DHT to get started....In the worse case where a client knows of no good DHT-capable peers, it will require you to download a tracker-based torrent so it can hopefully contact a few good DHT-capable peers it learns about through the tracker.Update: For it's initial list of DHT peers, as @Seppo points out, a torrent client can use one or more hard-coded DNS names to find the addresses for well-known peers, and it may also include a hard-coded list of peers as a final fallback as well.Once a client discovers at least one good, well-connected DHT peer, it can navigate the DHT to find more and closer DHT peers.It will remember these peers, called nodes in DHT-speak, between restarts of the software and maintain/update the list continuously while it is running.A "node" is a client/server listening on a UDP port implementing the distributed hash table protocol.The DHT is composed of nodes and stores the location of peers.After the search is exhausted, the client then inserts the peer contact information for itself onto the responding nodes with IDs closest to the infohash of the torrent.The return value for a query for peers includes an opaque value known as the "token." For a node to announce that its controlling peer is downloading a torrent, it must present the token received from the same queried node in a recent query for peers.

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