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Back to top These almost always include the reportable range, precision (or imprecision), accuracy (or inaccuracy, bias), and the reference interval.Sometimes the studies include detection limit (or sensitivity), interference, and recovery.Laboratory practices commonly include 3 materials for certain tests, such as blood gases and hematology.When possible, select control materials that can be continued for QC once the test is implemented in your laboratory.It's actually the reportable range that must be validated.The objective in determining reportable range is to define the highest value that can be reported without diluting the sample.

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A more exact estimate of analytical performance around zero is needed only when there is special significance attached to low values for the test. In US laboratories, CLIA places certain requirements on the number of materials to be used for different tests - e.g., a minimum of 2 levels or materials.It is advisable to have one analyst organize the studies, monitor the data collection, review the data, perform the statistical analysis of the data, and be responsible for the interpretation and conclusions.Other analysts can participate as operators and perform the tests needed in the different validation experiments.This is usually done by performing a linearity type of experiment, but there is no strict requirement that the method response has to be linear.However, the readout from instrument systems often is linear in the units that are reported.The method should be operated in the way intended under routine service conditions.If routine service operation will make use of commercial calibrators, then those calibrators must be part of the testing process that is validated.Interference and recovery experiments are often helpful for pinpointing the problem and the method at fault.Probably because this experiment uses real patient samples and reveals the kind of errors that will be encountered when the tests are used for patient care, which is particularly important when a laboratory changes methods.In US laboratories, the CLIA regulations define which characteristics need to be validated for methods with difference classifications of complexity.Fewer studies are required with less complex methods.

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