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I have lived in Vancouver for most of my life and have definitely had a more positive experience meeting people than what is expressed in these comments. I would be interested to know how people in Vancouver and other cities around the world meet people and make friends.I have a close set of friends and have added to this group of friends over the years through my work, my neighbours, my volunteer activities, my husband (i.e. I have my own ideas on how to connect with people in your city.“I was down at Kits Beach minutes after signing my lease, and this guy walked past me three times with his dog and finally stopped and asked me out.

When I turn to my left, I get a different view: He suddenly pulls down his pants and underwear and he’s standing there completely naked with his junk right in my face.” Ashley did not remove her sun dress.

She was confused when the guy led her further and further west.

“I’m thinking, ‘We’re passing all these amazing beaches, where the hell is this guy taking me?

Almost two years ago, I wrote what I thought was an innocuous article on whether or not Vancouver was a friendly city.

Since then, it has become one of the most popular posts on my blog…stirred up a lot of frustration with readers.

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