Vs 2016 disable updating intellisense

These text descriptions are displayed in Intelli Sense when you reference the commented script.

For example, you can provide information about a function's parameters and return value.

When you change a Java Script file, Visual Studio scans opened and referenced documents to determine all available code resources.

This includes the variables, functions, and objects that you have created.

Java Script Intelli Sense provides programming references for Dynamic HTML (DHTML) DOM elements, such as .

Except for Web projects, this feature works only for Java Script files that are opened outside the context of a project.

Your current script context is created based on the following items: When Intelli Sense is unable to determine the type of an object, it provides options for statement completion using identifiers in the active document.

For more information, see Statement Completion for Identifiers.

Intelli Sense also supports script files that are embedded as resources in an assembly in ASP. For more information about embedded script resources, see Walkthrough: Embedding a Java Script File as a Resource in an Assembly.

A directive lets you include a script file in the scripting context of the current script file.

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