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With her reproductive system winding down, she was looking forward to a long-awaited opportunity to relax.So it came as something of a surprise to discover that her three months of missed periods were not, in fact, due to the menopause, but an altogether unplanned pregnancy.We spent eight hours discussing the pros and cons of keeping our baby.‘The list of negatives was endless: no more freedom, no more lazy lunches. The only positive was that the baby was the product of our love.Early menopause is said to run in families, and as her mother went through the change at 46 and her grandmother was only 35, she assumed by her mid-30s that her fertile years were behind her.‘Becky, Connor and I had become a unit and I didn’t want to jeopardise that with a new baby. Adam and I used condoms at first, but over the years an unplanned pregnancy wasn’t a concern.’It was only when, at 42, Hazel realised she hadn’t had a period for three months, and was feeling increasingly tired, that she visited her GP.To her, I’m like any other mummy, which pleases me.And her big brother and sister adore her.’As Dr Paula Franklin, medical director of nationwide abortion centres Marie Stopes International, says: ‘We see a number of women with unplanned pregnancies who tell us they thought they were menopausal.’‘We were careless one night after several glasses of wine, which is how it must have happened,’ says Lizzie.

Sarah Munro, 44, a barrister, took a laid-back approach to birth control and has a five-week-old son, Monty, as a result.While I was at the clinic, I had a coil fitted so it wouldn’t happen again.’So how can the problem be addressed?As there is no definitive test for menopause, the answer is, with difficulty.She nonchalantly took a pregnancy test, only to be horrified when it came back positive.‘My breasts had been sore, but I hadn’t put on weight or had any cravings,’ she says.‘Adam was thrilled, although to my enduring shame I barely let him show it.Ultimately, she decided the risks and sacrifices were worth it, and her daughter, Libby, is now three.Hazel, from Aldershot, Hants, had believed for a decade prior to falling pregnant that she was approaching the menopause.‘My periods were still reasonably regular, but I never believed I was likely to conceive at my age.‘When my period was late, it took five positive pregnancy tests to convince me I was expecting.‘I hate to think of Libby being bullied for having an older mum.I’ve tried to explain to her, but she doesn’t understand.

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