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When he sees someone has a card on their key chain, he asks if he can take a photo of the bar code to use with his own purchases.

They get extra points, and he gets discounts without giving up any of his privacy.

In a recent Pew Internet study, 37% of respondents said they thought it was possible to be completely anonymous online.

Sell, with her sunglasses, is not alone in being concerned about putting her appearance online.Having Friends Friends can be an impediment to a life off the radar.For one, they probably think they’re doing you a favor when they invite you to a party using Evite, add you to Linked In or Facebook, or keep your information in a contact book that they sync with their computer.And sure enough, it went off in front of Macy’s, near Time Square, and in several other places where there was no tollbooth in sight.2.Buying things Depending on your level of concern, there are several ways to produce less data exhaust when making purchases.And she assumes that every phone call she makes and every email she sends will be searchable by the general public at some point in the future.Many of her friends once considered her habits to be of the tin-foil-hat-wearing variety.But from your perspective, as someone trying to remain as untraceable as possible, they are selling you out.“Basically what they’ve done is uploaded all of my contact information and connected it to them,” Sell says.Getting Places A few years ago, a man who goes by the Internet handle “Puking Monkey” noticed devices reading his toll pass in places where there weren’t any tolls.He assumed that they were being used to track drivers’ movements.

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