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The two were deep in conversation, and apparently, Cooper didn't want Schumer to leave."I don't know how Hollywood works, but I'm pretty sure that I'm dating Bradley Cooper," she told the audience.(In early 2015, it was announced that Cooper, Lawrence and Russell would have another go at the Oscars with a film based on the life of inventor Joy Mangano, with Lawrence taking the lead.), a successful revival of the 1979 play focusing on the life of Joseph Merrick.In April 2015, he received a Tony nomination for his performance.So what does Cooper have to say about this budding (pseudo) romance?"[Schumer's] very attractive," Cooper told Howard Stern on Wednesday (via The Daily Beast).The show received positive reviews, but it did not do well enough in the ratings to stay on the air.Not afraid to take risks, Cooper made his Broadway debut in 2006, appearing in the drama .

He then made his TV debut two years later with a guest spot on the popular HBO show (2005-06), based on the book by famed chef Anthony Bourdain.The Oscar nominee admitted to watching Schumer's monologue on the hit NBC variety show after being alerted by his publicist, and explained what happened during their exchange."She wasn't [hitting on me] either. But I do remember her coming to sit down because we had an awkward exchange at the MTV Movie Awards where we didn't know each other, and she was sort of yelling my name and then I looked over and was like, ‘Hey,' and then we talked.But at first, it was like, ‘Who is this person screaming at me?'"Cooper then jokingly confronted Schumer on a red carpet about it, and the banter continued."So then I saw her at this [Time 100] event and she came over," he said.Bradley Cooper checks both ways before crossing the street as he heads into a gym on Tuesday morning (February 20) in Los Angeles.The 43-year-old actor tried to keep a low profile in a sweatshirt and shorts while repping a Super Bowl champions Philadelphia Eagles hat as he stepped out for the day.Cooper then starred with Sandra Bullock on the 2009 romantic comedy (2013), directed by David O. In the critically acclaimed film, Cooper plays the lead role as Pat Solitano, a man who tries to re-adjust to society after leaving a mental institution.The film was nominated for seven Oscars at the 2013 Academy Awards ceremony, including Best Picture, Actress in a Leading Role, Actor in a Supporting Role and Actress in a Supporting Role.Cooper also received a nomination for Actor in a Leading Role, but lost to Daniel Day-Lewis for his work in (2013).Cooper received another Oscar nomination, this time in the supporting actor category for his role as FBI agent Richie Di Maso.

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