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Glenda Martinez-Smith found the love of her life as a senior citizen.Martinez-Smith, 68, said she felt like she hit the lottery when she met retired Army Col. Alan Smith of Boynton Beach through a senior dating website. But the retired school teacher said their bliss was destroyed when a judge found her husband incapacitated after a car crash and appointed a professional guardian..After the car accident in 2010, one of Smith’s children petitioned a judge to find him incapacitated.Colin appointed Cramer as a temporary guardian and Martinez-Smith initially retained control of her husband’s medical care.He says the problems are larger than just reining in the professional guardians, calling the proposed Florida legislation “a Band-Aid on an elephant.” “The problem involves judges, guardianship attorneys, adult protective services employees, and not-for-profit religious and secular agencies, who are profiting from these guardianship cases,” he said.Martinez-Smith doesn’t want to talk about the judges in her case.Martinez-Smith’s attorney, Jennifer Carroll of Palm Beach Gardens, said the recent opinion is precedent-setting because the court said the wishes of the ward are paramount.“The most important thing about this is that each individual has a fundamental right to choose their guardian or medical caregiver,” Carroll said.

“It’s not surprising that someone strongly advocating for excellent care for their loved one would be at odds with staff which may be less than diligent in delivering such care,” the opinion written by appellate court Judge Martha Warner stated.

Before the guardian put him in the nursing home, he was walking and talking, Martinez-Smith said. ” Cramer, the guardian, did not return a calls for comment and his attorney Ellen Morris of Boca Raton declined to comment.

Jack Halpern, CEO of Elder Care in New York City, runs a company that offers an alternative to professional guardians by helping seniors navigate health care and the legal system.

She got three rulings reversed on appeal and the annulment to her marriage is pending.

Smith’s assets paid Cramer ,500 a month, said Martinez-Smith, who has not seen an accounting of how the money is spent.

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