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Williams and ex-husband Kordell Stewart became officially divorced in 2013, but she was spotted wearing her ring on a recent episode of ."I didn't have it on my ring finger, I had it on my right hand," Williams said Thursday.

"So you know it's a diamond, it's mine and until I get ready to do whatever I wanna do with it, I am gonna wear it when I'm feelin' fancy."Williams also revealed that while she's "happily single," she is dating."I am dating," she shared.

Found out right at the top of the season that Curtis [Berry] had cheated on you. Wow.”Then Andy asked, “Who was most supportive in your friend group to you?

” Jackie said, “All of the ladies had been very supportive.

Porsha Williams hit the beach in Hawaii, showing off her bikini-devouring body -- and it might be more than her guy friend can handle.

"The Real Housewives of Atlanta" star was splashing around and taking selfies with the guy, while sucking down pineapple drinks.

That’s what she ended up doing.”And of course, Porsha was asked about her ex BFF Phaedra Parks.

He also got to keep 100 percent ownership of his companies.Phaedra said she did try to reach out after the death: 'I felt really bad, and I reached out to her because, as a funeral director, I obviously bury animals, as well - I wanted her to know that I was very concerned about her.and revealed to co-hosts Catt Sadler, Justin Sylvester and Jessi Cruickshank why she still wears her diamond wedding ring.Jackie Walters is really going through some tough problems on Married to Medicine after she found out about her husband cheating on her, so they made for an interesting pairing as guests on the last Watch What Happens Live episode.Host Andy Cohen wasted no time diving right in with the questions for Jackie: “What an emotional journey for you this season. ” She shared, “On day three,” and Andy couldn’t help reacting with, “Really?Porsha just said, “I hope so,” and seemed just as unapologetic as usual.Surprisingly, Porsha actually had nice things to say about Kenya Moore and her surprise marriage to Marc Daly.I can honestly say they’ve all met a need in some way.Obviously, I know Simone [Whitmore] well and Heavenly [Kimes] has become a great friend, so I’ve talked to them a lot.”It felt so awkward watching Jackie answer such serious questions and then jumping into these bull shit questions about Porsha’s contrived story lines.Do you ever think that she and Kandi will mend their issues?” Porsha said, “I’ve tried all season and hoped with Kandi, but it hasn’t happened, so I don’t know if that will happen with Phaedra and Kandi. I texted her happy birthday and on my birthday she texted me as well.

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