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Alejandra Amarilla is currently on the stand in an Arizona courtroom in the former couple's nasty custody hearing ... Moments ago, Steve's lawyer hammered Alejandra in open court -- saying, "You saw the trade [from the Phoenix Suns to the Lakers] as a way to obtain a higher child support amount regardless of what was best for the kids, didn't you? Wait 6 months then get court involved in child support."As we previously reported, Alejandra is adamant she only wants to move to L. so the kids can spend more time with their father -- who plays for the Lakers and lives in Manhattan Beach.

"Alejandra denied the allegation -- shooting back with a simple, "No."Then, Nash's attorney produced an email that Alejandra supposedly sent to a 3rd party -- in which it appears Alejandra discusses a plot to trap Nash into paying child support. Nash -- who forked over roughly mil in the divorce settlement -- currently pays ZERO dollars in child support in Arizona ...

/ stop being a dickhead” as a chorus; “Skeleton Song,” about having a Skeleton for a friend; or “Mariella,” where she starts off singing about herself before launching into a story about a little girl who glued her mouth shut and only wears black.

But Nash isn’t without seriousness or smarts, and it’s when she combines her whimsy with her wit that her talent asserts itself.

Immediately, Laker fans’ Pavlovian yearning for the days of Showtime kicked into high gear, as did speculation that the Lakers were not done making moves.

Talk amongst my friends immediately shifted to Dwight Howard. On August 10, 2012, Dwight Howard was officially acquired in a trade that sent Andrew Bynum to Philadelphia.

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Prior to this, she was the Principal of Maltby Academy.Mrs Nash was instrumental in shaping working practices across the Maltby Learning Community of schools and secured the commitment of Primary Head Teachers and classroom practitioners to a collaborative curriculum model 0-19.She worked as the conduit to secure the collective accountability for children and young peoples' learning and progress and continues as Associate Principal to play a key role, collaborating with other Principals within the Learning Trust to shape key strategy.Mrs Nash is also a champion of highly effective Continuing Professional Development opportunities, having achieved NPQH and more recently being instrumental in the research, preparation and delivery of the National Professional Qualification for over 170 aspiring Senior Leaders on behalf of the National College for the local Teaching School Alliance.Mrs Nash achieved SLE status (School Improvement Planning) in October 2012. If it’s not done in the right way or if it’s taken too far, it can seem insincere, gimmicky, or severely limit its longevity.Used in the right dose, though, little eccentricities lend personality, therefore helping listeners connect to the performer.Looking Back/Moving Forward: The Lakers and Process Process: A series of steps or operations toward a desired result or product.-Webster’s New Riverside Dictionary As another spring unfolds with the Lakers’ season once again failing to make it to Mother’s Day, both the obituaries and the prescriptions have come fast and furious as the franchise faces its most tenuous, uncertain, and pivotal offseason since….offseason.It’s not just the hype machine that’s responsible for her success — Nash’s songs are, by and large, infectious and silly, the kind of music that will induce a few chuckles in the getting-to-know-you phase, then settles in like an old friend.Sure, “Foundations,” her big hit about hanging onto a clearly doomed relationship — centered around a night where her boyfriend pukes on a new pair of sneakers — sounds ridiculous at first, but wait until listen number three, four or five.

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