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For the last year, “Polo has been a great escape valve,” says Stefanie. There will never be anyone like Bill.” Since her 1974 divorce from actor-turned-businessman Gary (2001: A Space Odyssey) Lockwood after seven and a half years of marriage, Holden had been Stefanie’s life. I think it would be wonderful to have another long relationship with somebody,” Stefanie admits.“I’ve been racing around and forgetting myself.” The memory she can’t and doesn’t want to erase is that of actor William Holden, who died in 1981. For the moment, though, Powers is concentrating on Holden’s memorial.Gushes friend Dalton, “She was a bullfighter, she’s trekked through the jungles of Borneo, she was one of the first women into China—all this as well as being an extraordinarily skilled actress!” Despite the Dalton romance demurrals, Powers makes few attempts at feigning prudishness. “Scorpios are not monogamous.” During the 20-week shoot in France, Powers quietly dated American businessman William Meeker whom she met on the field of play at Paris’ elite Polo Club. I don’t think it’s possible to recover or look for the same person again.

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An extra in a 1920s Peugeot is told to take off his 1980s glasses and, without them, he nearly rams a stray bus.

They have to act as if it’s springtime in Paris, even though it’s unseasonably cold, drizzly and all the blue-lipped actors can see their breath.

Stefanie Powers, 41, is filming Mistral’s Daughter, an eight-hour miniseries from Judith Krantz’s best-seller that CBS airs this week.

When she finally reaches the summit she peels off her high heels, rubs her feet and sighs, “My legs have given out. He better print it.” She retreats into a heated Mercedes.

Director Douglas Hickox follows her, soothes her frayed nerves and soon emerges from the car, announcing, “We’re doing it once more.” Stefanie, he says, is “a rational perfectionist.” As the bawdy Maggy Lunel in Mistral’s Daughter, she is also something of a shock.

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