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This is the World Bank's natural habitat, where its compulsions and capabilities are both shown to full advantage. The Bank's grants will help to resettle villagers, including Vietic-speaking hunter-gatherers, from the inundated plateau behind the dam and to compensate inhabitants of the dried-out riversides below it.

As the Bank's International Advisory Group reported earlier this year, the displaced are experimenting with new ways to make a living, from an organic mulch plant to eel breeding.

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Behind him, he leaves the ongoing nightmare of reconstructing Iraq, a project that is certainly behind schedule and over budget.ON ITS way to the Mekong river, the Nam Theun tributary flows uninterrupted across the Nakai plateau in Laos, the poorest country in South-East Asia. In March, the World Bank backed a proposal to dam it.Hydroelectric turbines will generate up to 1,070 of electricity, 95% of which will be exported to neighbouring Thailand.About 10% of the money would be held aside for future generations.The rest would flow to the government's poverty-fighting efforts under the close supervision of a new body, commonly known as the Collège.But, notes Mr Kavalsky, they treated corruption as “a given, a part of the environment to be factored into the calculation.We did not treat it as a variable—something which we should make a concerted effort to address.” That changed with James Wolfensohn, Mr Wolfowitz's predecessor.It was perhaps his most far-reaching innovation in a tumultuous ten-year reign.In May 1996, he visited Indonesia, where Mr Wolfowitz had been ambassador from 1986 to 1989.The project will set aside a nature reserve, where wildlife, from pangolin to reticulated python, will be defended by village gamekeepers, their salaries paid out of the dam's revenues.But this is not, it is safe to say, the natural habitat of Paul Wolfowitz, who took office as the Bank's new president on June 1st.

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