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Shows you how many joins were confirmed, accepted or refused (you can choose day, month or year). Customize the Title and Meta-information about your dating site. It's better to use this scheme to separate links in the links page After all changes click on "Store" button. ************************************************** If you decided to optimize your web site on your own, there are a few basics you'll need to know.Shows the age statistcs of profiles (you can choose day, month or year). -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Here you can change your personal information. Choose minimal payout sum, bank name, country and correct adress Edit your check information Add or delete URL of your website Print your payout page. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- You can change text, that people will see on your Welcome page. There are three major steps to successfully optimizing your web site: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- First, you need to pick relevant keywords that you'd like to rank for.Numerous suggestion tools are available to help you pick keywords and research keyword alternatives.

Meta tags (just in case some search engines are still looking at these) Content tags, such as header, bold, etc.Here you can check your payments by different channels (you can choose day, month or year). -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- It's realy easy for you to add some banners or text links to your page.Joins statistics by genre Shows you how many profiles and joins are with or without photo (you can choose day, month or year). Copy code of banner or link that you want to add to your site Paste it in the window for your banner size.Another reason the meta description tag is important is that some engines use it as a site's summary on their results pages.If they do, the reader may actually see this hidden tag. The meta description tag should contain multiple keywords organized in a logical sentence.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- What is an HTML Title and why should I use it?An HTML Title describes the contents of your web page in one sentence.To change links on the buttom of page paste link code in the "Bottom links". To add navigation menu to the buttom of the page paste link codes in the "Navigation Menu Bottom". People will search for your site using all sorts of keywords.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- By clickin this button you can create a dinamic banner that you or other webmasters can add to web page. Making your site easy to find means including misspelled, capitalized and plural keywords. Do not use "stop words" - particles like "and" and "the" and common words like "industry." Remember, the more specific your keywords are, the better the chance that people who find your site through search engines will actually benefit from its content.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Once you choose your keywords, the next step is to place them inside of your web site tags.About five years ago, meta tags were the most important and every webmaster tried to cram as many words as possible inside their meta tags.

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  1. It's great that Yahoo is making something real out of its Fire Eagle service, which previously was more about plumbing than a faucet. It relies on other services to tell it where you are and on other services to do something useful with that location data; only services you specifically authorize may do anything at all with Fire Eagle.